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Charting the frontier of RNA-modulating small molecules


Focused on patients 
Driven by discovery

Base4 is redefining RNA-targeted therapeutics through novel small molecule modulation to go after previously untreatable diseases. Powered by our revolutionary structure-based discovery platform, we are solving complicated diseases in several disease areas including neurology, oncology, and rare diseases.




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Exploiting RNA 

structural dynamics

RNA structure wiggles and jiggles, forcing drug hunters to rely primarily on phenotypic methods

Base4 addresses RNA targets with a true structure-based approach

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We leverage our proprietary DART Platform, a unique discovery platform that resolves dynamic atomic-resolution structures of RNA targets and screens for selective molecules against druggable RNA regions


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In addition to our internal programs, we are engaged in strategic collaborations with like-minded pharma groups to accelerate the development of medicine.

Learn more about our partnership philosophy and the advantages of working us. 

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